Off to Alberta

Work in Kitimat ended on the 30th of December. I ran home to catch new years and a house warming party at Sascha's place, before we packed up and headed to Alberta the next day. I also bought a boat during that time too. We arrived home this afternoon to snow and slush. Tomorrow, I'll go work on the boat projects in a bit of a scramble before the weekend and starting up work once again. 

It was the perfect trip visiting family, especially for my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary. 

With the slush outside, we're daydreaming of a tropical holiday, but that will have to wait. Soup and wood heat await us for now. 

This was the first time I'd brought a partner out to visit family. It was a special time for me and was smooth sailing. After visiting my family, we stopped in Peace River and Fort St. John's to visit Sascha's brother and sister. 

Hope you're well and warm~ 

Happy New Year 



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