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Digby to Gotland

It's 23:30 and there's an orange glow, fading to blue in the sky across the harbour. The Dodge Cove Daffodils have bloomed. The lilacs are out now, and salmonberry honeysuckles and beautiful purple flowers next to the wilting daffodils. There's a new red roof on my house from a year ago and I didn't manage to paint the skirt of the house one more coat of red before the grass grew up around it.  To cut the grass and do dishes are my main jobs for tomorrow. Then I'll buy pizza and work on my dads car in the evening.  I've been doing 2 week rotating shifts at work since January and love them dearly. I should be on shift now but accidentally let my marine medical expire so am beached for a few days until I get cleared.  The fall and winter came and went with a familiar stagnation and restlessness, coexisting moment by moment. I thought of love and family often.  A friend left to new horizons and Eva and I are off to Sweden for the summer.  I've been discombobula

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