A Summer Season Deckhanding

In a few days it will be the winter solstice. Summer has come and gone, in a whirl wind of dreams coming true and finding footing amidst it all. A permeant position came up with a tug boat company in town and a few months ago I gave notice to the on call, casual contract deckhanding position with the Coast Guard. It was an empowering experience. While sailing, it often felt like I was on a guided eco-tour of the BC Coast. When we weren't sailing, I was often being taught marine foundational skills I'd been longing to learn. 

It was a dream come true, like fishing, and life has a way of pushing us on, whether we're ready or not. 

These are photos from my old phone from the summer time. I bought the phone in India and it served me well until my last stint on a ship, when I was a little too rough with it. 

I'm staying in Dodge Cove tonight. We just finished the community Christmas dinner. Our family had a dinner yesterday before we all disperse. Tomorrow morning I'll drive to Kitimat to finish two weeks of night shifts barge handling, then Sascha and I will drive to Alberta to see family. Then I'll settle into Rupert life once again. I think it will be a beautiful adventure. 


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