Trolling for Change

I've just arrived home from a fast few days in our countries capital, Ottawa. 

I went there with the opportunity to be apart of a group of young fishermen from the West and East Coasts of Canada, celebrating World Fisheries Day and advocating for our generation through policy changes in the industry. In the words of my good friend Chelsey, it was a chance to support "the independence of active fish harvesters. Brought together to make sure that the benefits from fishing are staying with active fish harvesters and their coastal communities."

It was an incredible, inspiring, and revealing time. There is a community of fishers committed to moving towards a healthy fishery for individuals and communities. One of the biggest conclusions I was able to take was that we're welcome in Ottawa and that it can be worth it to take steps forward to make voices heard. 

For more information:

And thanks to my brother Leo and friend, Chelsey Ellis, for the photos below. 


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