Pacific Crossing~

Here's the journey from Steveston to Papeete. Incredible boat and fishermen.

I ate, slept, read, exercised, listened and wrote for much of the time, and caught a few mahimahi too! Joseph gave me cooking lessons each day while Tom offered pep-talks. June would sing and talk of his family and Tae would tell wild stories. Adjusting to land life in Tahiti now. I miss these guys already. I went to look for the boat this morning and it had left. The call of the sea~

The guys were docking the boat while I played the guitar and remained calm...


Bobby said…
Hi Ocean,
So glad you went and it looked amazing! What an adventure, and Wonderful pictures! All is well here, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year where ever you are!
God Jul, Bobby :)

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