Tired Reflections

Really, really nice things have happened the last few days and I wanted to document it. I turned 26 on the 4th. The day before, Thursday, I had dinner with my family as we thought I'd be gone on my actual birthday. 

I had found out that my plan of leaving on BC ferries the next day for Vancouver Island wouldn't work as the bus didn't line up to take me down Island. I couldn't seem to figure out what to do so I went to the swim club, where my friend Ann Marie told me she was heading to Terrace the next morning. On my way home I stopped by McDonalds, as I don't have data, bought a tea and connected to their wifi where I found an expensive but good deal on a last minute flight from Terrace to Vancouver Sunday morning. I booked it and on the way home I asked my friend Auriane if I could stay at her place in Terrace the next night. She warmly welcomed me.

I drove with Ann Marie to Terrace, shopped and went for a coffee with a dear friend, Trish. Auriane came to pick me up to drive out to her cabin. We had dinner with her neighbors- moose and bean chili, salad, cookies, tea and a birthday carrot cake. The wood stoves kept us warm and we went for a moonlit walk afterwards. 

In the morning I was driven to the Terrace airport and caught the fight to Vancouver. Everything went so smoothly. I only have a carry-on and had wanted to see Steveston for a long while. I transited out there, looked at familiar boats and the grander of the place. Afterwards, I went to Value Village before checking into the downtown hostel. Hostels can be a hit or miss and it was a hit this time. I love the peaceful essence of this one- a block off Davie street. My roommates were adventurous and soft souls. I went for a swim at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (hot tub only) and went to bed soon afterwards. 

The next day I had my dentist appointment- the main reason for the trip. It turns out there's nothing wrong with my teeth. I had been worried about a possible genetic defect but nothing was found. Yay! I met up with my Rupert friend, Kieren, soon afterwards and we wandered for the rest of the day. Shopping, pizza, bubble tea. Yesterday, I had a slow morning, where I was able to research buying a new laptop. I was able to find a second hand one. It's a few years old now and I love it so far. It came with many programs that I would never buy on my own - like Final Cut Pro and Word!! 

The transfer went smoothly and I went for a walk with a friend from Salty Souls, the Ecuadorian surf trip from last February. We wandered the east side, where I saw my friend Spencer, and the Sea Wall by Science World. Afterwards I met up with Josh, a friend from high school. We walked and went for dinner with his family. I didn't know how I was going to get back to Prince Rupert- Josh let me know he was planning on heading up this upcoming Saturday so it looks like I have a ride :) 

As per usual, I finished my last day in Vancouver with a solo midnight trip to Dennys for pancakes. This morning I woke up early and took the bus to Seattle. I wanted to meet with a business that coordinates yachting crew and get more information, but I couldn't get ahold of them or find their office building... moving on. I did as much sight seeing as possible and in the evening headed to the Ani Defranco concert. I didn't think I needed to buy a ticket ahead of time but when I arrived, the concert was sold out! I went up to the booth to confirm my fears and the attendant asked me if I was alone. I said yes and she handed me a ticket. Someone had given it to her to be passed on. I was gifted the ticket. 

Ani's voice and stage presence is so powerful and I had tears in my eyes many times. I sat with a brother and sister pair who had just moved to Seattle from New York. 

I'm tired, but the last few days I've had a hard time sleeping. Maybe it's just city overstimulation. I'm thankful for my transit skills which have grown over the years and for feeling comfortable in the city, in my own skin. I don't feel pressured to dress a different way these days. I'm happy with my own style. 

Today, I walked from the train station to the hostel. The transit system in Seattle isn't as smooth as Vancouver. I found a bank around the corner, took out some money and had the teller convert it to coins so I could use them for buses. No Uber for me yet. 

I get stressed out when making plans and just as much when I haven't. This trip has been mostly unplanned. Happy to be here and happy to have a home to return to. 

A homeless man told me I had healthy looking legs tonight. 

The world has been so good.


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