Thanks Mom and Highway 16

Last Weekend Included:
Friday: Rolling out of bed and catching the greyhound to Terrace. Wandering around feeling scared not knowing where I was going to sleep or how I was going to get back to Rupert. Hoteling it if need be. Heading to a concert to see Luke Wallace and Rachelle Van Zanten. Many amazing people were there, politicians, musicians and another person named Ocean! While there I was invited to stay at a beautiful homestead for the night and go to Rosswood the next day for a cabin stay. So thankful.
Saturday: Woke up surrounded by cats, a dog, goats, chickens and a horse. Drank coffee from beautiful pottery, had pancakes, a shower then pizza with live acoustic music playing in the background. We headed back into Terrace, had coffee with friends and was dropped off at the brewery where Rosswood friends were gathering. We shopped for food and headed north on the Nass road, lit fires once we got there and started cooking. Mountains shawn in moonlight and the house smelled like cedar. We went to bed so late.
Sunday: Had coffee, bacon and eggs in the morning. I got a ride back to Rupert with some new locals, met at the cabin, had a nap and headed out for a bike ride across town. Met a friend and her new baby girl on the way. Made it to Fairview and gazed out at the big boats resting before the fishing seasons begin again. I was picked up and brought over to Dodge Cove for a potluck dinner. The food was amazing and the stories... I was getting a cold and just loved to listen. Had some fire cider to try and kill the germs. There was music too and then it was late. I got to stay the night and slept so well.
Monday: Early in the morning we headed back across the harbour. I checked in for my Fishermans EI claim on my way home and had a nap once I arrived. Went for a sunset coffee with a friend at Breakers and headed home once again.
I was pretty tired by the Monday evening. My mom and sister could attest to that. Not the most graceful sight. I slept 14 hours last night and my cold came in full force. I often get colds when just arriving home. Maybe it's my body's way of saying- settle down for a bit now.
Sometimes I get mad that it's so taboo to hitch hike along our highway. That it's haunted with disappearances. There are a lot of harsh realities of this place. This weekend dampened all those frustrations by reminding me of the beauty here, in the lives of the people who have chosen it home.
It is a rugged, beautiful existence. So thankful for all who have made it so and who welcomed me into their homes. Especially my mom.


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