JulThanks Day 7+8+9!

The days just passed by so quickly.

I'm thankful for this amazing car I'm driving these days. It's not mine but I like to pretend it is. :D

I thankful for my new sheets on my bed.

I'm thankful for help rolling yarn for crochet projects.

I realized that the way I am with kids has been so influenced by my parents. I had several thoughts today that were- "I'm my mother/father"!

I'm thankful for the way Swedish people freely give Hello's and make eye contact. Also, how "how's it going?" is not often used in passing- actually never. It is said when there's time for a long explanation. "Thanks for today" is another common phrase when you're leaving someone you've spent time with. I like that one too.

I'm thankful for the swimming pool here- so refreshing. I'm thankful for chocolate, and ice cream and frozen summer berries, and gingerbread cookies, houses and ice cream sandwiches. I'm thankful for dance parties, big kitchens and meals that work for everyone. Strong coffee and thick, thick milk. Thankful for this family. How- although I feel panicked that I don't know what my next step- I'm held so softly by these people.


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