Julthanks- Christmas Thanks- A Month of Grateful Focusing!

I've known for a while now, that- especially in the winter- it's easy for me to have a bleaker outlook. I had an amazing day today. As I was cross country skiing beside a lake, with the winter sun on my face, I decided I wanted to write about something I'm grateful for each day this month. I love watching Youtube videos and some people are doing Vlogmas- a video journal each day of this month. That sort of inspired this idea. It's December 3rd today so I'll do a 3 day catch up!


Julthanks- Day 1

I'm thankful for the memory of flying over to Sweden. I had a window seat + 2 seats to myself on the flight over then the aisle. So I could really stretch out for the 9 hour flight from Vancouver to London. On my flight from London to Stockholm, I was bumped up to first class. It was a smaller plane so I didn't get a bed-like seat or anything, but sat in the 2nd row- got an amazing meal and skipped the security check in line! Even though I couldn't sleep much on the flight across the Atlantic, it was a series of amazing events. 

Julthanks- Day 2

I'm thankful for the candle lights that shine in the windows around here. I see them as saying- Hey, I know it's dark, but I'm here and it's cozy inside, let me help light your way! They're in the windows of most shops and homes. 

Julthanks- Day 3

I'm thankful that today, I skied 12 kms. My skiies were gripping well. My cousin skied with me the whole time- making sure I did a 10k loop instead of 4k. There's still lots to learn but it was so much better than the first time.


Here are some photos from different outings. There were a lot of things reminding me of home this week- like lumber, spray paint, and abandoned ski hills. There were also things I wish we had at home- like bike shelters!

I forget the year exactly, but the building below has been dated back to the 1200's.


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