JulThanks 10 +11

I fell in love with the snow today and had strong urges to document it. I've never been much of a winter or snow person but walking around in the woods this afternoon felt like magic. I'm thankful for that. 

I'm thankful for the inspirational beings at the ski race this weekend. There were so many families and young folk around my age- so fit and healthy looking. I thought- yeah- I want to be like that too!

I'm also thankful for my church experience today. I was craving connection and headed out to the closest church. There were 3 parties, including myself, attending. A Swedish gentleman, a family from Burma and myself. The family- grandparents and their grandson, led the service in their own language- while the Swedish person and myself sat and hummed along during songs. Afterwards we all had coffee and laughed about the chance that all of us would end up under the same roof. 

At the end of my time there I said "see you later" and the Swedish man said "yes, see you in heaven". I then found my slice of heaven in the woods! 

I also want to mention how in awe and thankful I am of Lena's presence. To live with a grandmother like her is a treasure. When I feel I'm about to lose patience, she walks in with the strongest and most positive outlook. 

I have felt for a number of days now that I was on the verge of getting a cold. But it's staying away. Fingers crossed. 

I am thankful to be here. Nervous for what is to come - well, just trying not to focus on that one.  


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