To come from a good place~

December 2010. 

I remember standing on this balcony at a hostel in Bamako. I was handed a phone with my mom on the other end of the line. It must have been 3 in the morning in Canada, but she still caught the phone! 

I remember her telling me that she had run into my boss from the swimming pool. I had been let go a few months prior, from my casual position, because I had been out of town for too long. My boss had told my mom that he wanted me back at the pool, that there would be a permanent position waiting for me, if I wished it. 

I was unsure with my plans for the future after Africa. When I saw him back in town, I told him I was nervous to come back- could I remember how to teach an Aquafit class? He gently said they'd take it slow and work with me. 

I attended a few classes before jumping back into the swing of things. I did accept the position, I remember people congratulating me, but I couldn't figure out why. Looking back, I understand. 

This job has given me both the world and a home to return to. 

I was 16 when I started working at the pool, 18 when let go, and 19 when I began my permanent position. 8 years. 

My favourite part of this job has been watching families grow. From seeing people fall in love, and guessing women are pregnant. To watching them waddle around, meet their babies, and have them learn to swim, know my name and become friends. It's been so incredible. 

It's been my life and tomorrow, I'm saying goodbye to it. 

I've re-certified as many credentials as possible, to keep doors open. I don't know what will come after fishing. 

Canada World Youth was the most challenging and rewarding experience I've had so far in life and, for a few years now, I've craved something to push me to grow as much as it did. 

From how I feel currently, I think I've found the next one. 

I am in awe of folk who are graduating, buying homes, getting married, going to school. There are such different paths to choose from in life.

Here's to transitions. From moving, to careers and relationships, again, we're not alone.  

~ Below are just some old photos lying around on my computer- feeling reminiscent tonight. 


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