Sunset Surfing~

Sunset (body)surfing in Tofino, British Columbia. 

Eva returned her wetsuit earlier in the day, so was assigned photography duty. 

It can be so epic out there sometimes. Especially during sunsets. I'll look around at the whitewash and it will all be different shades of pink. I love my new wetsuit and 20 minutes in, my face seems to be numb enough to dive under 2 waves at a time. 

Yes, I love it. Body surfing.

Super thankful for this place, its contrasts, my new wetsuit, siblings and this time. 

The Roxy suit is well christened now. 

Later, after the sun had set, I went to a new moon gathering with some local women. There was henna, discussions and inspiration flowing. It was really nice to connect with locals- who were all nomads of sorts- with amazing stories too. 

Bottoms up!


Unknown said…
Hi Ocean, Awesome pictures! So happy you are living the dream! Say Hi to Eva! Bobby :)
Ocean Irene said…
Thanks so much Bobby- Eva and I are reading this right now :) Hope you're well! If only Oona had surfing beaches~~ Still looking forward to coming home soon!

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