"Loving life, eh? Isn't it glorious!"

Last year I realized that one could be on the most picturesque beach imaginable- find heaven on earth- yet what is inside tends not to change. It can be easy to see photos and think- if only I was there, it would solve everything- and yet it doesn't. 

I remember coming to that conclusion in Thailand- I had found the place I had longed for and yet this heavy search or yearning- was still in me- as strong as ever- which put a damper on my perfect sunset moment. 

I was having another one of those moments today- when a surfer walked up and said "Loving life, eh? Isn't it glorious!". His positive essence was enough of a boost to remind me that I could work to choose to love the moment. That it would be worth it to push this funk aside and embrace the immense gifts of the day.

Today- at Cox Bay- I couldn't make it out past the white wash.  Soooo, I caught some photos. Anyway- it was an introspective day- my mind was going in circles around life patterns, travel styles, organizational skills, boundaries, values and inspiration found. 

To find balance in it all.

My siblings and the sea sure help with that. Very thankful. } Also to have met more Tofino locals/ friends than ever before!



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