Autumn Footprints

My new home has grown on me- or I've grown into it. It is the right place to work on transitioning to the mystery!

The dark seasons haven't been bad so far. Though I haven't been out sailing yet, I'd forgotten how social these times can be- gatherings, dances, music, the pool and climbing. Soon my friends will start skiing and winter surfing and I hope to tag along.

I have no trips planned so far. Nothing. Still working on learning more about finance and trading annnnnd being conscious of nutrition and my body.

Yep, yep- that's about it. The days are short. The sun- err light in the clouds- is gone by 5pm and we still have a month to go before the shortest day. As long as I keep surrounding myself with friends, I'll make it.

I went out dancing the other night with wild friends- it was amazing how many different groups happened to be out at once. The music was great and atmosphere, light.

There were incredible winds today, that I napped through. Hope to get out on the water more soon.

To end, here's a poem I found the other day that caught my attention.

"I am the sea
I am wild
I am free
I rage & I crash
Yet I am constant
Lapping the shore again & again
I give & sustain life
I am abundant
I am flowing
I am pulled by the moon
My own tide ebbing & flowing
I am not to be disregarded
For though I may be gentle & soothing
My fury & cleansing know no bounds
I am the crashing waves
I am the gentle sea
I am wild
I am free."



Sue said…
You are a gift; unwrapping yourself for us all.

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