Reconstructing Fall Outlooks

It is raining outside. The cold kind of rain that makes my head turn downwards no matter what kind of rain gear I have on. My sister is in Sweden and brother in Hawaii. I am not jealous of them; their locations just have me questioning my own.

Why am I here, in the fall, with no trips planned? This is a recipe for mental disaster.

So. Instead of focusing on the doom and gloom, here are a few reasons and goals for the upcoming seasons.

Make money
Learn about trading
Sailing until the boat sells
Help sell the boat
Wait on boat work- get confirmation and clarification on a few things
Start planning next year
Learning to cook
Conscious eating

Really if I think about it in a certain light, I am in the right place. I've travelled this last year. Maybe I do need a dark, fall time to rest, learn and plan. To let myself be held in community and connections, in a cocoon of safety and uncomfortable growth. So that when the spring time comes, I too can once again soar.

Here we go.

These photos were taken by my friend Tyler Meers last Halloween~ it was a fun experience that I hope to do again someday! Maybe I'll add photography to that list as well.


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