Refreshing Moments in Niagara Falls

I don't remember if the town is actually called Niagara or Niagara Falls. Hmmm. 

I'm in Toronto, eating lunch next to the downtown Toronto Public Library. Super fast upload speeds- sigh...

I've just had a refreshing time with my friend Christa. She moved from Rupert last year so we were able to catch up and she showed me her town the way any Rupertite would love to see it. 
The lake- Lake Ontario- was amazingly warm to swim in, perfect depths and soft sand. 
I did laundry and bought nothing at value village. We slept in and ate so well- sweet, creamy coffee, curried lentils, salads and fruits from the road side stops. 

I went to a yoga class with her and from it all, my body feels stretched out from the long drive. 

I'm in Toronto for the night, visiting another dear, dear friend before heading east towards Montreal. 

This week has fallen into place sooooooooo well, we shall see about the next one! 


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