First trip to Oona River of the year!

Ok. So. Oona River. 

It was fast paced and intense this time. The days were long and full and quite often we (I) would collapse anywhere- couch, beach, deck- to lie down and rest for a moment. 

We travelled in a pack- us young folk. It rarely happens that there are so many of the same age out at once. 

It was fun and inspiring. I have even more dreams for the place. My "Oona River Dose" is not yet filled. It was confusing at times and the food was beyond amazing. 

People were generous. And I was so tired when I came back into town. 

There was racism and gossip and small village dynamics- but the pendulum swings on the other side too. Beautiful weather. Stories. Community annnnnnnnnd connections. 

Jasper the dog made a friend and we're both still settling into town life once again (naps, etc.). 

Jasper and Walter


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