Mile Zero

Currently I've been feeling as though I'm at mile zero. In so many ways I am. The wind has been howling recently and I long for the change I hope it brings. It's raining outside and the fog is thick on the water. I can't see well around town and within my mind as well. 

This is not a bad or scary place to be. It's beautiful in many ways. I crave change, to begin moving forward in new ways. My feet are itching to move- to take steps forward- but each time I take step in one direction a "no" comes up and I return to where I began. Awkward. Rejection. Clarity. Not right just yet.

Amazing things are happening to so many around me. In some ways I'm scared of getting left behind. In other ways my heart soars of inspiration and comfort of dreams fulfilled. 

I have found some footing and crave direction, inspiration, clarity, passion, and contentedness to lead me onwards. 

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. 

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