Laying Low

I'm finding it hard to find inspiration on any next step these days. I was excited to finally have nowhere else to go- destination wise. I've worked on settling in. My bags are unpacked and put away. My laundry is done. Taxes are put together. Work schedules basically memorized. 

It's raining hard today. Jasper and I suited up and went for a bit of a walk. I'm up at my dads house. My tailbone hurts- the same way it does after being on an airplane for too long. I've done a lot of sitting today. I miss being outside. I miss swimming in the ocean. My skin, hair, body and mind miss it. I've been sick with a cold for well over a week now and maybe it's a sign I'm getting better- the restlessness is returning. 

Still the next step eludes me. Find a boat, house, partner, education path, career, spark, inspiration. 
I feel as though I'm searching for something. I didn't find it in the warm waves of Bali or in the sandy beaches of Thailand, the hustling street corners of Malaysia or in the mists of home. 

A lot of friends are talking of moving these days. Maybe this place will be their home base. 

I haven't found it here - but won't look anywhere else just yet. 


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