Costs of Asia Trip

I have always loved reading adventure/ travel stories. I've been very thankful to writers who shared their numbers and how they funded their trips and was curious what my numbers would look like for this time around. Here are some- well actually all of it.

50- days from Prince Rupert
39- days in Asia
11- days in Southern B.C (Vancouver, Tofino and Sooke)


$1678.16 - Return flight.
Prince Rupert, Taipei, Bangkok, Denpasar, Taipei, Vancouver, Prince Rupert

$2497.46 - Total money spent in Asia.
Transportation, souvenirs, food, accommodation, adventures- every last cent.

$1436.87 - Total money spent in B.C
Transportation, food, accommodation, random things I stalk up on while in big cities, Value Village.


Here are some averages and totals:

Total Asia Trip ( flights and travel money): $4175.62
Total spent in 50 days away from home: $5612.49

Average cost per day in Asia ( not including flights) - $64 
Average cost per day in B.C ( not including flights) - $130.62
Average cost per day for entire trip- $112.24


Normally, I did not spend $64 per day in Asia. Those numbers included flight costs between and in countries on the continent.

I don't usually travel with a set budget. I have a way of travelling that I've set up for myself. I totally try and find the best prices when I can but did not shy away from spending a night at a nicer hotel- which in Asia was only ever around $25 per night. In Vancouver I always stay at a hostel or with family and friends. Compared to some this budget would be extravagant and to others cheap.

It was a very comfortable and healthy trip for me. I felt beautiful, healthy, full, content, complete and radiant by the end of it. The learnings and memories are priceless and well worth the total cost. I could have done it for less but didn't want or need to worry too much about expenses this trip. I had a set return date- a time I would be returning to make money again.

Priorities are so different for everyone and change all the time. Mine included sun, fresh veggies and fruits, freedom, friendship, beaches, water, waves. I found it all- and yet there's a piece I haven't found. We shall see. We shall see. Thanks again!

Lastly, I'm so thankful for this blog as half way through my trip I had a memory card malfunction and lost every picture I had taken- aside from my favourites which I had already uploaded to this site! Wee oof- I had been too mad to talk about it until now.

When people ask how my trip was- in one sentence I say:
It was incredible and it aged me. I got both sides of the spectrum. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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