Then Time Slowed

I was only planning on staying on this Island for two days. It was not love at first sight. Especially with the weird, shocking water bugs and loneliness- I wanted out. There is amaaaaazing internet- the fastest I've ever experienced at this resort- the Coco Lodge on Koh Mook Island. The first night I made use of it- I was feeling emotional and alone. 

I sat in my room and listened to songs and a few meditations on loneliness.

I was done with the state and knew I needed connection. I fell asleep late that night and the next day moved resorts to one recommended by a friend from home. Then I found two good friends- or they found me! One was a guy named Bob from Malaysia and the other, such a kind girl from Finland, Julie. Because I had found friends I decided to stay put for a while. We went exploring, out to different places to eat, snorkeling and kayaking. The rain forest here smells amazingly fresh- while the water- I'm still not convinced with. 

It has been an up and down experience so far- but I've found a bit of a rhythm and a place where it's easy to meet people. 

Last night I was mad at myself. I stayed up late talking with a few people. The topic of addictions came up. That scares me. I'm addicted to sugar back home- but here I've been able to stay clear of it quite well. There was an Irish man who said he hadn't had a sober night since November 28th. I asked him what he would drink on average- 10 - 15 beers per night. I then asked if it was an addiction, habit, or just the opportunity came up every night- life's a party! I was mad at myself afterwards for picking on him. One wouldn't ask an obese person how much they ate every day and if food was an addiction for them- right? Why would it be ok to do it with alcohol. 

Anyway, the conclusion was we all have our own things to work on. And that I want to be more gentle with people in general. To take the soul searching with grace and kindness. Ah, lessons to  be learnt. 

Also, these shocking water bugs are all around Asia apparently. I don't know how I didn't know about them. Swimming with people who are used to it now has made me more comfortable with it- and able to ignore them more. The sun here is strong. I have a good burn on my legs and one girl fainted and threw up after being on the water in the sun all day yesterday. Caution must be taken on the islands! 

 I'm here online, staying out of the sun today. One more day to relax before I begin Island hopping once again. 

All the best! 

 There were two mosquitoes in my bug net. I killed them in the morning- they were well fed.

 My Finnish friend Julie!

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