Rilay and Tonsai Highlights

( Mostly from a Tonsai perspective) 

1- Read a book front to back for the first time in over a year
2- Extreme limit on internet
3- Sea Water- warm and clean 
4- Food
5- Inspiration health wise- climbers here are sooooo fit
6- Conversations with folks from all around the world
7- Solitude- I hated it sometimes too
8- Being outdoors every waking moment and always soaking up vitamins from fruits and the sun. 
9- Toilets and showers- I had an awesome water saving routine that involved showering- standing over a bucket- using the water to flush the toilet- and wash the sand off the floor- then still while in the shower brush my teeth and do any laundry on the floor! I was proud of myself. 
10- The all around intention and present moments 

I also rekindled my love of swimming here. I would do laps of the breast stroke, front crawl, and butterfly as far out as I could- pretending I was swimming out to hop on a sailboat moored in the bay. The dream was so close and yet so far- but for sure closer than I've ever been. 

I was also reminded that I have a shy side and it can be hard for me to initiate friendships. Ok maybe I knew that already but it stood out for me here. There was one person who commented on my independence level. So much to think about. 

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