Leaving a home- Uneasy travelling

Koh Mook grew on me. I was sad and scared to go. It was wonderfully homey and peaceful- once I got into the swing of things. Heading to different beaches now- Tonsai and Railay. Maybe these areas will grow on me too. 

And it didn't peel- the aloe vera worked! 

 It was just hanging there for a while-
 Enjoying moonlight, beachfront bliss-

 These flags reminded me of First Nations tobacco ties.

I landed in a hostel in Au Nang (?) and ended up in a box to sleep in. I changed beds due to claustrophobic sensations. It is my first hostel experience of the trip. I fear I'm ruined- as I am with pineapple juice- I may always prefer beach bungalows from now on!

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