Emotional in Paradise and Itchy Water

Could that line of bites have been from bed bugs?? I didn't panic as much as I thought I would have and they were it. If I only get 4 bites this whole trip I'll be happy. Knock on wood. 

I was up and out of the hotel early in Trang. I hopped on a bus and then a packed ferry boat on the way to Koh Mook- where I am tonight. The other day I posted on Facebook, looking for opinions on beaches and island locations. Initially I was planning on heading to the Koh Tao area to do some island hopping. Though the feed back didn't seem the most positive for that area- instead I read a lot about the west coast. Within a few hours I had decided to change directions and head south west. I'll be making my way up north now- island hopping until Phuket- where Auriane and I will most likely meet up. Anyway that's what I have in mind right now. 

I felt pretty emotional wandering around the island today. For one I'm still adjusting to travelling solo again. Two, there's a stark contrast between classes here. I suppose it's like that all over Thailand but this is a small island and it's all in very close proximity. Three, the one beach I went swimming at today had something in the water that made my skin feel like I was being stung from tiny jelly fish. Once I got out of the water they stopped- but while in my skin was pretty itchy. I've never experienced that and due to the fact that I came for the swimming- I was pretty disheartened. Again, just feeling emotional. Also, there's a lot of European families on this island. It was cool to hang out at the beach today and listen to Swedish being spoken from most people! 

Tomorrow I'm going to go on a boat tour around the island- we'll go snorkeling at the most popular spots and I'll do some skin tests with some other people around. Hopefully it will be fine. I really hope. 

 Boat builders-

I'd love to build a boat shed like this in Oona River someday!

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