"Where are we going to again?"

I didn't get any photos of the pool at our second hotel in Chiang Mai- but it was really nice and made staying there totally worth it. 

I'm pool obsessed once again. We left Chiang Mai early this afternoon and began heading south. We're in Sukhothai tonight- the new part of town. It is a lot warmer here and we've found a place with a pool once again and A/C. Travelling in luxury is a lot easier when there are two people splitting the bills! 

We arrived after a long, sweaty bus ride just as the sun was setting. Tomorrow after a dip in the pool and some breakfast we're going to rent bikes and see what this place is all about! 

I would have never thought to stop here. Once again, having travel buddies or friends in the area does pay off- also mine happens to be amazing with directions. Just to note! 

I've said it during past trips but will again today. Travelling can be a selfish activity- it's how I view it sometimes. One of the things I enjoy most about it is how involved in the present moment I become. Everything is so new and different and you can't help but have each moment last 10 times as long as normal ones would at home. I feel closed off from my life in Canada- so distant from it while I'm travelling. It's not that I actively enjoy the situation but am going to stick to it. I remember getting mad or shaking my head at my brother during times we wouldn't hear from him while he was away. Now look whose talking...

Also, I just heard there's another Asian flight that has disappeared. My oh my. They say things happen in 3's right? Worry-sum. 

Heading towards heat, history and more water hopefully! 

Last note before bed: I am soooo addicted to mango smoothies. The food is amazing. I can tell already I'm not going to do well with knowing location names. We walked up to the ticket station today at the bus terminal and I couldn't remember where we were going when asked where we needed a ticket to. My oh my. 

Good night! 

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