Boxing Day and ____?

Today is Boxing Day in Chiang Mai. There’s absolutely no sign of it around. Today Auriane and I did a cooking class at a farm outside of the city. It was a lot of fun- I was inspired by the people there and impressed at what ended up on my plate. The night before was Christmas and we celebrated with Emily and John and the Proctors at O’Malley’s Pub in the night market. The food was amazing and the company, just what I had dreamed. 

There’s something missing for me here though and I can’t put my finger on it. We’re settled in- almost caught up on sleep, feet pedicured, bodies clean and clothed with new dresses, etc. Life is so comfortable and I would go to say luxurious- but I don’t feel settled into the traveling routine yet. 

Chiang Mai, again, has been the perfect place to start off this trip. It is the combination of all worldly experiences I’ve had put into one place. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, but so relaxed. The people that live here are gentle and positive, very accustomed to travelers.  

But again something is a bit off for me energetically. I’m very curious to figure out how to move past it. 

Also, it turns out I am about 4 months early for mango season- note to self. Yet, the mango’s I’ve tried here so far are the best I’ve ever had- though harder to find. 

It is a beautiful place. Happy to be here in the sun- working on _____?  Here’s to finding it! 

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