Sukhothai- Starting Regrets

Today we took our time in the morning, lounging, swimming and having a late breakfast. We’re finally able to sleep in- with each morning waking up a bit later- around 9:30 currently. Luxury. We hired the family run tuk-tuk (?) to run us into the old town where the temples and tourist attractions were. We hired bikes for the afternoon and cruised around. 

It was a hot day and the most refreshing moments were riding. The temples were cool- I probably won’t make it to Ankor Wat (?) this trip so I saw it as my dose of culture. 

The air conditioning is on, our bellies are full. I heard tin roofs cracking today from the heat just like I did in Mali. Again, Thailand seems to be the place where it all comes together. Everything a traveler could want is steps away. The tuk-tuk driver waited outside the guesthouse all morning because he knew we’d need a ride eventually. It’s so funny how our birth determines our place in life at times. Questioning wealth and ideas around it recently. 

Anyway, I’m probably done with temples for now as the beaches are calling to me. Though we’ve started a list of regrets of places not visited- like Pai and a waterfall. 

Lastly, I am terrified to swim in this pool alone. When I do it is just along the shallow edge. If I put my hair in the water I come up with a manic doggy-paddle. It’s interesting- just have been too scared to do certain things recently. 

The creepy pool- all by myself.

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