Settling In

I woke up at 730 this morning- the sun was just rising- making everything in our room warm and colourful. I felt well rested, had a fresh breakfast and had such a fun time watching Kevin surprise his parents with his arrival.

Together we caught up at the guest house, went for an excursion up a mountain top to check out a temple and had a early Indian dinner. I got pretty sleepy mid day and have been ever since- still adjusting to the time change.

Chiang Mai has been the perfect place to start off this journey. The temperature is perfect- cool evenings and warm days with manageable humidity levels. The food has been amazing- so fresh and flavorful. The guest house is luxurious, central and homey. Not to mention the people I get to be here with!

Thailand seems to be a complete combination of all the continents I've visited. The exotic food, music, dress, poverty, dignity, cleanliness, transportation systems. With every blink I'm taken back to a different memory- the sight and smell of barbecued corn brought tears to my eyes- all of a sudden I could have been at the roadside in Mali.

Anyway, I'm so happy to be here. It has worked out, as per usual, better than I could have expected. Here's to smooth transitions, restful sleeps, and an amazing Christmas.

All the best!

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