New Years in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok around 930 pm yesterday. I was shaking my head at myself as we rolled in - we had no idea where we were going. Yet- after about 25 hectic minutes we had found a taxi, decided on a hotel recommended to us earlier, bought a room and were scrubbing off the days grime. 

The hotel is so fancy. The New Siem Riverside. Beautiful rooms, food, amazing pool and perfect location- right on the river in a quiet area but close too, to Kao San Road (?). We'll stay here 2 nights then force ourselves to move on- on principle. 

It's new years eve! We slept in today- ate breakfast- and lounged by the pool until the hottest part of the day had passed. We then proceeded to go check out the Grand Palace and get some dinner. Unfortunately, we waited too late in the day and the Palace was just closing its doors as we arrived. We're lounging, once again, for a little while before heading out to celebrate the new year. 


I wanted to take a moment to brag, boast, bask in pride? Something. I'm just really impressed, proud and in awe. By coming to Asia this December I've stepped foot on the second last continent I've yet to see- Antarctica being the last. This means that since 2010- age 18/19 I've set foot on a new continent every year. This pattern happened by accident and the timing and opportunities for me to visit these places came up perfectly. 

Here's the list: 

2010- Africa
2011- South America 
2012- Oceania 
2013- Europe 
2014- Asia

I am in awe of the people that have been in my life over these years. 18 was the least favorite year of my life- then 19 came along and things took off from there- opportunities, new and old friends, and good karma. 


One truth I've found is that travelling is not the be-all-end-all experience. Everyone has their own life experiences that are just as monumental- be it having a family, purchases, education, adventures at home, chances taken, etc. Absolutely everyone has a story and it is worth just as much as the next. I've been fortunate enough to have found a passion and the means to pursue it. 

Just so thankful for the light and dark places I've experienced along the way. Hoping for strength, inspiration and a strong base of love in the years to come. 

Happy New Year and Thank You! 

( Off soon to celebrate Bangkok style- and by that perhaps a couple of beers, people watching and a foot massage! )  

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