Last night in Chiang Mai

Yesterday was our last day in Chiang Mai. We spent the day moving hotels, as ours was fully booked, planning, shopping, eating and hanging out with the Proctors. 

Our 2nd hotel in Chiang Mai was funky. I loved the community atmosphere there- young families from all over the world travelling with their children - and seniors with years of travel experience behind them. We walked- a long, hot walk- to the new hotel and within 30 seconds I was in the sunny pool. Our room was a step down from the initial guesthouse- but it was half the price too- my only main worry was the black mold in the bathroom. I had to get up in the middle of the night to use it and was terrified I'd be locked in there for the rest of my life- like a horror movie. 

Because it was our last night we had an outing with the Proctors at the Chiang Mai Cultural Centre. We ate lots of food, drank Leo beer and watched traditional Thai dances. We said goodbye after one last mango smoothie and they washed their hands of us for a while! 

I really admire their lifestyle. By being able to meet old friends in this new city- we were able to have the smoothest transition imaginable. So thankful for these guys! 

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