Dark Beauty

Here are some more photos from the shoot I was apart of last Halloween. 

The main conclusion I've come away with is that, through their work, Tyler and Breann have an amazing ability to make one feel good about their bodies- to make one feel beautiful. 
This photo shoot was plotted more around death and the dark side of life- the darkness being something I enjoy tapping into every now and then. I was nervous and apprehensive- unsure of why they would want me to be in front of their cameras. 

The day started off early and relaxed. We ate, had coffee and started hair and make up as we plotted about background stories and ideas. There was so much attention to detail and history, patience and support shown by both Tyler and Breann- both oohing and awing around what looked good on camera and in real life. 

Every picture seemed to be Tyler's most esteemed. We all became more excited about how things were going as the day went on. 

Being apart of this process from start to finish- and having been in the final results has been so rewarding. Definitely something to show the grand-kids someday! 

Also just to know- if I ever need a pick-me-up or a confidence boost- this is an option! 

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