If I could do anything...

If I wasn't prone to hesitation I would:
  • buy a mac book pro
  • go to school for cooking and carpentry 
  • learn more and actively trade
  • buy a wide angle and other fancy lenses 
  • buy a new blog template
  • go to Oona River more often- somehow
  • buy a boat- with comfy cushions, lots of space, light and warmth
  • work less and spend more time out there 
  • visit my brother and lots of other folks around town
  • go to music festivals 
  • take more spiritual courses
  • read
  • be more loving, friendly and affectionate 
That's what is really on my mind these days. Dreaming. The shutdown is looming and I can't wait for the freedom of a month and a half to wonder as I please. The restlessness is heart wrenching- I need to work on some meditations or something to calm it down. Ah well, I have two days off now to breath. 

I'm attempting to read A Course in Miracles- the first lesson of the workbook is "Nothing I see means anything"- ex. This door does not mean anything. Hmmm.

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