Kiwi's in Canada

It’s Seafest in Prince Rupert this weekend. I didn’t take in many activities as I was working through most events. It’s a busy time for the town as people flood in from all over- navy boats, northern workers, old residents, etc. The beer gardens used to be a pretty popular event back in the day- but was cancelled a number of years ago as it seemed to get crazier and crazier by the year. Nevertheless- it seems the drinking tradition has carried on. I’ve seen t-shirts sold here reading “A quaint drinking town with a fishing problem”. 

Anyway- I enjoyed music in the park in the evening yesterday, went home and headed out later with friends. It is cool to experience big city night life in a small town once a year. The Belmont was packed and for the first time I’ve seen there was a lineup to get in. I saw lots of folks out that I knew and even more that I’d never seen. A friend of mine is the DJ and I got a few good pictures of him- I hope- a wide angle lens would have been perfect though. 

I didn’t last long out though as it was pretty warm and crowded and I got sleepy fast. 

Just as I was leaving something pretty cool happened.

I noticed a guy outside that didn't have any shoes on. I asked if I could take pictures of his feet as I thought it was an interesting situation. He explained they were back inside and didn't mind me taking a picture. I realized right away he was from New Zealand. Wow- what the!? I was intrigued and started asking him lots of questions- where was he from there- and what on earth would bring him here! He pointed to a girl. He had explained he met this girl at the Franz Joseph Glacier a couple of years ago. This sparked a memory for me as when I was there 2 years ago I met a girl from Terrace and one from Smithers. The girls were both working side by side at a grocery store in Franz Joseph- I went through the Terrace girls check out- had a quick and excited conversation about growing up in Northern BC and continued on with my journey. 

A number of years later I would run into her outside the Belmont back in Canada. We both remembered each other. In NZ I loved the fact that many folks in smaller towns would go EVERYWHERE in their bare feet- grocery stores and all. It was cool to see the tradition carried on by a Kiwi here in Canada- I was worried about his feet but he was sure they'd be tough enough. 

That event was well worth the trip out for me! It's a small world!

Old photos from New Zealand-

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