My days off currently are Thursdays and Fridays. I've wanted to get my hair straightened for a couple of months now- to see how long it is. However, with the almost constant 100% humidity at work and outside I've decided to wait a little longer.

Rainforest life.

I'm going a little stir crazy.
I've been back home since mid September- 7 months.
In October I went to a funeral in Terrace- a 150 km drive away.
In November I went to a funeral in Alberta- a couple of flights away.
In January I went to Haida Gwaii for a surfing trip- boat and car rides involved.
Every month or so I make it off the island and go for a drive to Port Ed.

My life's radius is pretty small these days.

I'm getting the urge to branch out again. I'm making travel plans for the summer and winter. Winter activities and commitments have almost all come to a finish. After Easter I'm hoping to really be able to start fresh. I'm dreaming of Oona River a lot these days. Killing salmonberry's, learning carpentry or finding someone to build some stairs.

My skin has hit the last shade of pale I feel I can tolerate. At the end of the month I'm going to Vancouver. Soon it will be May. Soon it will be summer. Soon everything will be in full bloom!

Until then, taking things easy and getting things organized! Spring cleaning!

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