At the Library-

My brother is home and all is well. It has been so nice to catch up on stories, people and dream of the summer time! I still have no idea what is in store- but it should be a good one as always. Everyone's a bit busier than normal but doing things we all enjoy. Woo hoo! I also ran into one of my best friends from high school at the library yesterday- we went for a long walk- coffee- catch up- It was really nice too.

THE BUMFUZZLES ARE QUITTING SAILING!! The news really shook me- I'm excited for them- and excited with the changes it might make in my own mentality and dreams as well. For a really long time I've been rather stuck on the dream of buying a sailboat- and one that had to be just like theirs. Knowing that they feel free to give up on the boat life and go off and do something that they might enjoy even more inspires me to really think of what my heart would love to do. No clear answers have come up just yet... but I'm working on it.

I've been following them for over 4 years now. A fun read-

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