Things I Want to Learn

  1. How to cook
  2. How to build stairs 
  3. How to run a chainsaw 
  4. Carpentry- so many possible projects... basically I want to be able to renovate/ build a house 
  5. How to can food- salmon, veggies, etc. 
  6. Did I mention how to cook? 
  7. How to run a boat
  8. How to tie it up at a dock
  9. How to dock it without anyone questioning my abilities, including myself
  10. How to sing opera
  11. How to read the bass clef
  12. How to play the bass guitar, harmonica and banjo
  13. How to harmonize
  14. More about trading, stocks and the ways of the market
  15. How to belly dance 
  16. How to edit videos with ease
  17. Photography
  18. How to maintain boat engines, and we'll go for all engines 
  19. How to drive a standard really well
  20. How to harmonize naturally
  21. To crochet and sew
  22. Compassion, understanding, patience, etc.
Ok there's 22 things- it would be super awesome if I could get a good start to all of this- this year! 

Cooking and carpentry are on the top right now- on repeat in my mind. My excuse is that they don't offer any courses at the college for any of it- :( But there are people in my life that could possibly show me a few things I'm sure. 

Oh yeah- languages! Top off French and start a new one! ... and pottery.

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