3 Weeks

The last 3 weeks have been strange for me. Each week I've had a person in my life pass away. A couple of people have told me that these things tend to come in 3's so I really hope we're out of the clear. My uncle Neil, friend Pat and great aunt Anna. It is the 4th week now. Last night we had a great get together at our place in remembrance of Anna. It felt so nice for me, like this time has come to an end. These 3 people were fairly similar in a lot of ways. Very resourceful, outdoorsy, passionate and positive. They all put smiles on my face whenever I was around them. I've been able to make it to all 3 services. It has been so nice to be around family and friends. 
The biggest part has been having all this happen so close together. A strange time. But a new one is beginning. I'm sure. 

I took our internet modem back to City West the other day. They asked if the reason was because we weren't using it enough. I said it was, in fact, the opposite, that it was being used too much. It has been so nice to have so much more time freed up. To read, play music and be with people. The first thing I did when I got home was change the strings on my guitar. All these things I've been meaning to do for so long now. We're all happy with the change. 

I feel tentative and cautious. And sad and a bit worried. I suppose it's winter. I'm at the library right now. I need to be around friends and family more than normal; it really has been working out. Hope to keep it up-

A glass bottle of lavender exploded in my backpack after I accidentally dropped it on the ground... I can still smell it wherever I go- Mmmm-

Lastly, someone called me a "try hard extrovert" the other day. It was actually quite fitting as I'm more introverted. Just needing a bit of down time I suppose.

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