22 Things that make me smile

  1. My dad is thawing halibut for supper tonight and my mom is making banana chocolate chip cake.
  2. The whole aquafit class sang Happy Birthday to me today and a coworker made me an awesome cake!
  3. Facebook. Keeping in touch with friends, being inspired and all the birthday messages that flood in once a year! 
  4. I found out last night I was chosen as Woman #1 for the community musical Les Mis.
  5. This morning, when I biked to work, it was my version of perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold, with a strong, magical wind. 
  6. There are 4 people from my childhood that I always think of- that never made it to 22- this doesn't really make me smile- but reminds me I've been fortunate enough to make it here. 
  7. Memories of the summer time. 
  8. Memories of Oona River.
  9. Hearing stories of my brothers adventures. 
  10. The way my sister can calm my mind down. 
  11. The support I have here. So much of it.
  12. The warmth where I work, the big windows and water. 
  13. My legs feel so strong these days from biking. 
  14. I've become more aware how much of an impact swimming can have on people- learning to swim, having fun, exercising, etc. and also how it can be a traumatic experience too. 
  15. People have asked me to help them recently, they've told me they trust me, and they've thanked me too for little things.
  16. I was offered a free 26 ft sailboat today! FREE!
  17. Learning about grooveshark- and listening to all the songs I could ever think of, and still finding songs that I get obsessed with- obsessed. 
  18. Learning about so many friends' dreams coming true in life, love and adventures. 
  19. 19 was still such a great year. What an experience. 
  20. A friend told me recently to really enjoy where I am in life. I get so restless sometimes and she said it can change so, so quickly. I could see it with her experience. I'm going to try and make more of an effort to enjoy this stage of life.
  21. I'm still reading every now and then. 
  22. The peace I feel right now. I know it will go- last week was really hard for me- but I understand now that "darkness" is only just temporary. 

I was born November 4th, 1991 and it was one of the rainiest months on record. My mom says I didn't see the sun for the first 30 days of my life.

Currently it is fall.
Currently I only have plans for home, nothing else.
Currently I have a really big to do list...
Last night I really didn't want this day to come.
Currently, though, I realize I am ready for a new age.
Currently I'm feelin' 22!

A few things to add to my list:

  • Jasper
  • Cream in coffee
  • Prince Rupert's waterfront
  • Friends that never give up trying to get a hold of me-
  • Jeggings 
  • Weddings
  • Tonight at Safeway- "Honey, that's your swim teacher!" - "But I thought she lived at the swimming pool!?" 
  • Kids at the pool- "I like your ear rings! Can you hear the ocean in them?" - they are shells. 
  • Seeing the girl who once asked "Ocean, when you were a baby were you a puddle? And when you were a kid were you a pond? And when you were you a teenager were you a lake? Because now you're an ocean, but when you run does that mean you're a river?"
  • All the kids who've answered- Swimming Pool! Sea! Puddle! After being asked if they remembered my name- 
  • Relaxing with my family
  • Taking photos and looking at what other people can capture
  • Adventure and family blogs
  • My super warm sleeping bag
  • My new back pack 
  • My new make up 
  • New guitar strings
  • The length of my hair
  • Being so safe and comfortable here
  • Luxulga- Woman of the Ocean- a Tsimshian name given to me for fun by a special guy- 
  • Singing harmonies 
  • Transitions
  • All the inspirational, generous and amazing people I've met along my 8000+ days of living
  • I am really lucky. What have I done to deserve this. 

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