Today I felt exuberance and wonder. I felt something so similar to what I imagine Anne Sullivan experienced as she realized Helen Keller finally understood. It was such a power feeling. From what I remember Anne was at her whits end with Helen. Something had happened between them, Anne took Helen to the well outside to wash her hands. She had been trying for a long, long time to get her to understand sign language and what it meant. She held Helen's hands under the water pump and spelled out w-a-t-e-r- over and over again. Helen understood and immediately began asking for the signs for everything around her. She understood.

Today I saw a child realize they could swim on their own. It was really special to see that first, first moment of realization. To realize nothing was holding them. They were doing it. The look, smile and laugh that followed was really cool. To see fear leave and be replaced with confidence and accomplishment.

It was another special day.

Step by step.

I also had a really nice coffee/ lunch with my dad and went to an info session about the community musical- Les Miserables.

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