I had an up and down weekend. I missed out- well- didn't go to a few things I wish I had. I did some other things out of the ordinary though- went to the movies with friends- Gravity- hung out with my friend and her 1 year old- we went for lunch and coffee, hung out, took pictures and played with leaves. Earlier- on the weekend- I went to a great birthday with lots of friends. I have been putting myself out there but every now and then I get overwhelmed- I stop- and regret not going for it. This next week I will try to- even if it's uncomfortable. Go, go, go! GO! Breath. Go! I can. I can. I can. I am worth it. Breath. 

Oh yeah- work on that to do list- including apologies, answers and thank yous! 

Lastly, I cried tears of joy today. I found out old friends are getting married. Their story is a special one to me- I want to remember it. 

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