Evening Conversations

Mom- "Well, would your sister like him?"
Me- "I don't know"
Mom- "Bingo, that's it!"

As in no.

I don't remember my 21st birthday. It was more or less uneventful. This year I've dreamed of having friends over, going to Tofino for a day, or going to see family friends in Hazelton.

21 was a good year. I think of what I really pushed myself to accomplish or do and it so worked out. Even though I might have been terrified, so many things worked out so well, so beyond my expectations. Sometimes lately I've thought that if this summer worked out so nicely, there's no reason the rest of my life couldn't work out the same. Right?

Though 19 still is at the top.

21, for me, did feel fairly self centred. I was, and am, so focused on setting up for "real life" and what I want that to be and look like.

22 could be exciting. I don't have ANY plans for it but to continue to work. I've Asia in mind- just because I'm already dreaming of warm waves and tropical fruits... my skin is already 50 shades lighter than when I first arrived home in September... but I can be here for a while more still.


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