September 15, 2013

The above photo was a cake I tried making the other day. I learnt about it while in France, though I couldn't find the right biscuits for the cake, I made another cake to use- it was almost as good. Almost.

Oona River 

 Interesting spider- or something- web


Today marked the end of my trip. I have no where else to go. For now. I may or may not be... I am... getting a cold. My body is ready for rest. Though my mind is almost ready to get going again. In the next few days I'm looking forward to sorting out schedules for the fall. 

Everything really did work out. There a few people I missed seeing on this trip, but overall I am so overwhelmingly thankful for how well it turned out. 

This last weekend in Oona River was the perfect ending. I've been having so many of them lately. There were lots of people out- I only missed one coffee time... and that was to go to a waffle breakfast... The swimming hole's water was the warmest I remember it- and we were there as the sun was setting! There was only ever fog in the morning, no clouds and only dragonflies- which I find pretty- no horseflies!  

Once again, so thankful. Going to rest, reflect, dream and plan for the next while. 

Thanks if you happen to be reading this- it meant a lot for me to know that some folks were following a bit of what I was up to while away- just a bit of connection to home. 

Over the next while I'll get settled back into life and try and catch up with more photos and stories from my trip- especially of Sweden. And maybe I'll have a few adventures here too.

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