September 2, 2013

I love having such a diverse group of friends. I've always had it that way. 
I don't completely belong in each group- maybe no person does- everyone their own person, etc. but a part of me does. It's great to explore each part with friends, especially in Vancouver. Here I am able to build on those little bits and can stay in contact with these new, diverse friends over the years- it's really great. 

Saturday night I went to a launch party for Jan's photography project- he was the creative director- organizing all the stylists, models, photographers, editors, locations, etc. I can see the passion in his work and the people in his life can as well. I am very proud of the guy. 

Sunday morning I attended Westside Church- a baptist church I believe- with friends from high school. There really was high energy there, clear messages, the pastors were talented at speaking to the congregation- not having to read from papers the entire time, and great music. 

My hair was a special thing for me Saturday night as I had not had it straightened in a long time. It's always great to see it's progression in length. The hairdresser had once been a guitarist for Biff Naked. 

Speaking of celebrities- wow- I've never seen a celebrity before- a real one until this weekend. I was on Granville Island after the church service- I went into a washroom, admiring my hair in the mirror, I glanced over and saw this woman: 

I knew she was well known- though no one else seemed to notice her. I didn't want to bug her, though I was really tempted to ask her what movie she was in- I resisted. I now know I've seen her in the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and Walking Across Egypt. 

I thought that moment would be the end of my time with a celebrity- I forced myself to stop staring and headed out of the bathroom- we ended up both walking around the public market, then finding ourselves on the same water taxi- I was in the front for both excursions so really wasn't following her- just to be clear. 

She was standing behind me in the line up to get on the boat and asked ME a few questions on logistics for the crossing- in her southern accent! After the boat ride- on the other side of the inlet- she and I walked together a few blocks I and got her in the right direction for her hotel. 

We were both kind of flustered- but I didn't say anything about her being an actress and neither did she. I told her about living up north. I do hope she found her hotel alright. I could have offered to carry her bags and go with her the whole way but I thought she would think it would be too much. 

When I got back to the hostel I looked her up on Wikipedia- according to that site she has lots of history- she is 80 after all.

I hope she had a good time in Vancouver. 

Later on I saw someone that looked much like Tori Amos. On the ferry crossing onto the Island today I ran into a woman who used to live in the house next door when I was a child, Stephanie. I also ran into, and introduced myself to a friend of a friend who's blog I read- this friend is often on her blog, I recognized her and said hi. 

What a crazy few days- and here I was thinking it would be a quiet time in Vancouver. 

Wednesday- arrive, Mica
Thursday- shopping, pedicure, Jan,
Friday- Judy, Mica, Julie, Flourian,
Saturday- shopping, hair, Jan's party- Alicia, Stephanie, John, Trish
Sunday- Church with Janelle, Sean, Lauren, Melissa, Mike, Nikia
Monday- off to the Island- Jennifer

Lastly- as I've been busy and have been living a more city like lifestyle I've been chewing gum, drinking coffee and sleeping minimal hours, getting up early. All of which is not normal for me. Getting off the ferry today I felt rather disgusting and unhealthy. Needing a good sleep, a shower and nourishing, cleansing food. I was handing my large backpack to a bus driver. I bent down to get it and as I got up his eyes lit up and he exclaimed "My God, you look... healthy!". I've had a few homeless people say this to me before as well. I take it as a great compliment. I told him I felt the opposite but thanks nonetheless.

Ah to appear healthy!

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