Good Karma

Today was in fact another awesome day. 

To start it all off- I woke up early- like after only about 4 hours of sleep. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to stay at the hostel tonight as I hadn't made a reservation beyond that night- and it was the long weekend- oops! 

I woke up early to check and see if there had been any cancellations- there had been two- the guy at the front desk changed a few things around which made it possible for me to even stay in the same bed! 

After that I went out for lunch with an old friend, Sarah, who I know from Naramata. 

I went shopping and got my hair straightened as it was Jan's big night and I've wanted to for a while! 

I was getting on a bus to head to Jan's party location- when a person who was getting off gave me his ticket- he said it was good karma and that I should pass the ticket on to someone else- I didn't get a chance to-

The bus stopped in E Hastings- and I didn't feel like lingering as I was dressed up and felt awkward. I made it to the location and enjoyed the evening with Jan, his mom, and old friends from Vancouver and Rupert. 

I wasn't as dressed up as most at the party but it didn't seem to be too much of an issue. 

On the way back downtown I stopped by two men on the street who were selling carvings from some sort of soft stone. I really liked the look of the pieces, I asked questions about them and didn't have any cash so headed off not thinking twice about them. Five minutes later we reached the train station, we got on the train and one of the fellows who had been selling the carvings had followed or ended up on the same train and gave me the piece I had been looking at- no cost- 

What a kind fellow- they were trying to sell them for $30- 

Good karma. 

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