Train travel between Copenhagen and Stockholm-

Uh oh...

Last night was rough. I just didn’t have good luck finding my way around Stockholm. Today is a different, better story. As I took this sad picture I was walking by where I should have turned in- it took me a little while to figure it out- the last thing I wanted to do was ask anyone for directions! Just when I think I'm getting good at learning new cities... I did ask in the end and the man set me on the right track.

Earlier that day I said good bye to Nina. I had such a fun stay with her. Her energy, sense of fun and directness is awesome- along with her maturity and self discipline- she would be a force to be reckoned with! I took the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, slept much of the way there and listened to the familiar Swedish language being spoken all over the train. I made it to Stockholm just as the sun was setting- it was gently raining too- I took a little while to find my hostel. Once I did though, all was well! Once I did. 

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