Swimming is my thing. Being out on the water is my thing. I may have been programmed. I'm sure surfers or skiers or anyone who has found a passion could relate. I remember going on a boat once while in work experience through high school. I was going out with an DFO officer. We were going fast- I stuck my head out the window of the boat. I could barely breath, in part because we were going fast and it was windy, but also because I was so, so happy.

After being at the beach the other day with Margon and seeing this picture of myself, I was reminded of this old one, taken 3 years ago. I think I have the same smile in these two pictures. This smile doesn't come up all the time. It's not the pretties smile, kind of out of control. But I am happy, exhilarated and around the water. Strange stuff- I'm not an expert swimmer, surfer, captain, deckhand, or anything really, I just really enjoy water. 

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