August 2, 2013

Looking forward to heading north again. Actually, I'm in Brussels and heading to Amsterdam today so it's not that much of a change in altitude... Will get there.

I had a wonderful time in Brussels too. I drank more beer than normal, stayed at a great home with Olivier, and met some of his very cool friends. I was speaking with one of them yesterday and we couldn't figure out if Belgian people are more open in general or if it was this group of friends. So awesome.

I found Belgian french to be quite a bit harder to understand than Swiss. I need to work on my french. The average number of languages spoken by people I've met while here is 2 or 3 but I met someone who knew 5... Language envy.

Sadly, I left my camera behind at home when we went downtown to the touristy area... it was late at night but I really wish I had brought it with me. It is a beautiful city- the capital of Europe!

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