I had such an awesomely perfect day yesterday. I slept in a bit in the morning and made my way in the early afternoon to meet up with my cousin(?) Judy. Her mother is my great Aunt. We went to see Anna, ate cookies, talked about Sweden, looked at photos and listened to Anna speak Swedish. It was pretty impressive. 

It's always funny to see Anna. She has kept her vibrant and warm personality and her smile too. It's easy to forget she's still around when I'm away from the lower mainland. But she is. She's the biggest connection I have to my heritage on my dad's side of the family. So close and yet so far. 

It was great to hear stories of her travelling in her youth. I also got to meet Judy's husband and he spoke a lot of the old days. 

After seeing Anna, Judy took me out horseback riding. I got a couple of lessons at her place then we went along trails by her house. The day was completed with a Chinese food dinner over stories with John and Judy. 

It was so great. 

I got back to the hostel and almooost went to sleep, but at midnight headed out to hang out with Mica and Julie and their friend from France. I was fairly tired but it is always great to catch up with these people! 

A very special day- and today will be too!  

The circle of life-

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