Catch up photos- August 9, 2013

Well my stay at this quiet Copenhagen hostel is coming to an end. I’ve stayed over my check out time… but returned everything already. Continuing with my image of a hostel bum. Woops. It has, once again, been just what I needed, though I don’t feel as completely rested as I did while in Lyon. In Lyon I had nothing to do, no person to see and 4 days to “fill”. Here I know people, have more plans to make and am on more of a deadline- or so I feel. Nevertheless, it has been good. 

I stayed in the hostel for 24 hours before leaving. I haven’t seen much of Copenhagen at all really- nothing touristy, nothing. Thursday evening I had plans to meet up with Nina. I rented a bike and through a minor panic found my way 4kms towards her home. She lives in a pretty apartment building, but I knew once I got to her area I wouldn’t be able to figure out which one was hers. I pulled over in front of a small shop to ask for directions, got off my bike, turned around and there she was! She had been out shopping and was just getting back to her place. I was so close to her building but  wouldn't have been able to figure it out on my own. Things like this just keep happening to me, it must have been meant to be! It was great to turn around and see her long wavy hair, her tall, tanned self that I remembered from New Zealand. She hadn't changed a bit.

We went to her place, relaxed for a bit and talked about the next few days. On the way back to the hostel I enjoyed my ride, getting lost once, going half the speed as all other bikers, and stopping by a grocery store finally! My belly is full once again! 

There are so many stories I want to share with anyone who is interested and I love writing them down, it’s just about finding the time. Sometimes I seem to have way too much time, then other times, it is such a cherished thing. 

Here are some catch up photo's from another memory card. Awesome times with friends in Paris, Annecy, Geneva, and little town Switzerland- :) 

Going up this cathedral, I felt like the Balloon Princess- a story from my childhood- with winding, narrow, secretive staircases like this one.

A loo with a view!

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