Biking home from Nina's place yesterday- Happy to be on a bike and flat roads- and in the non- tourist part of town- 

 "No, I'm not lost..." 

 I'm basically local. 

Truthfully though, I feel the need to write down so much of my trip these days. It must be a sign I'm still tired- I recorded very little of Sweden- because we were always doing activities- yet were in a quiet, peaceful environment. I'm over big cities for now. Learning a new transit system can be tiring. It's a kind of tired that doesn't go away with one good night's sleep- a deeper kind of tired- that, for me, can be fixed by settling down for a while and letting that restless bug come up- then I know I'm good to go. 

Nina, myself, and her friends are going to celebrate the ends of trips for a number of people this weekend. It should be great. Two more days in Copenhagen, two more days in Stockholm, then off to Montreal. 

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